Frequently Asked Questions

ScribeLogin is a proprietary web-based login portal which suffices all the needs of our clientele wherein after registering, they can use all the user-friendly facility provided to cater the transcription needs of our client. This is a 128 bit secure SSL site. After registering, you are provided with a unique individual login ID and password to access the system from any internet-enabled Windows-based computer. The features included on to this portal include but is not limited to uploading files, tracking status, and download transcripts from the web portal. The portal also has one click feature to retrieve file archival as well as turnaround time and billing reports. There are no extra charges for the system usage.

As soon as you get registered with our services, an individual Login ID and Password to access our web-based portal is provided, so you can upload digital recorder files irrespective of any format (.wav, .aif, .au, .aac, .asf, .dct, .dss, .dvf, .flac, .mp2, .mp3, .mp4, .msv, .mpga, .ogg, .ra, .ram, .rm, .sri, .vox, .wma, .wav, etc.). If you use our toll free service, the voice files would be automatically uploaded to our system. Other dictations on minidisks or tapes may be sent to our California office via mail/FedEx. We recommend digital audio so that there are no extra conversions or postal charges involved.

Once you are through with uploading your voice files, the web portal shows the status of the assignment as pending and a group of transcribers will start working on your assignment based on the TAT and quality of the voice file and are responsible to see through the completion of your files. You will also work with one of our representatives who will ensure that your files are progressing and your instructions are being followed. Once a document has been completed, it is automatically emailed back to you and is also available for you to access and download from our website which you can access with your unique ID and password.

You can retrieve transcripts back in any format you deem feasible and place request for, even in multiple formats. As a matter of fact, as soon as your transcript is ready, we have facility wherein it is placed corresponding to your voice file and you can also request for the service while signing in our system for the same to be emailed to you on a desired email address. The process is such that once you login with your unique ID and password, and check for your assignments at any time for completion based on the desired service you are using (Normal or Expedited), you can retrieve your transcripts via our web-based portal just by clicking on the document name and saving it on your Computer’s Desktop. We have services wherein we provide the transcripts through E-Fax also for which we incur some nominal charges.

Yes, both dictated voice files as well as the transcripts can be accessed for up to one month at no additional charge. If you would like your recordings or reports to be available beyond the indicated times, we can provide that service for an additional fee.

We will be happy to incorporate any "normals" or phrases you routinely make use of in your dictation. We would also be happy to comply with any document templates you provide to us. It is also just a single click process wherein you can just make upload and attach the desired templates/reference materials/normals as a single entity or can in .zip and/or .rar format. You can also jot down any specific instructions into the text box which you deem can help expedite the service and/or you require the transcriber to focus on.

The rates of transcription services depend on:

  • * Quality of Audio you provide,
  • * Number of people speaking in the audio,
  • * Turn around time (for normal and expedited service), and
  • * Any highly specialized formatting which is beyond normal formatting.
  • Examples of poor audio quality includes recording noise and flaws like tape hissing noises; a bad microphone; the speaker is too far away from microphone;external noise like music, background conversations, outdoor noises, etc.; heavy speaking accents; and people consistently speaking on top of each other in an unstructured meeting; etc. If you are aware of the audio problems your files may have, then kindly describe the issues so we are able to understand the quality of your audio and your specific needs and will quote you a discounted price in advance. If we find out later about problems with your audio, the price to complete the project will be higher than if we were aware of the quality in advance. We also offer urgent transcripts at a reasonable price. We can turn documents around from as little as 3 hours up to 6 weeks, at your choosing.

    Please visit our pricing and billing page for more information.

    No. There isn't any setup fee.

    Yes, we offer the Fax Solution at an additional charge. Please contact us for further information.

    Payment can be made by either by credit card, check, or wire transfer. Billing is done once per month for established clients, and twice a month to weekly basis for new customer and is carried for the first two months and later can be switched to twice a month and/or once a month.

    On our web-based portal, you will be able to obtain a detailed billing report. You will also receive a detailed invoice, and our accounting department is always willing to answer your queries.

    You can choose turnaround times from 3 hours up to 6 weeks.

    Yes, we will have to charge for such skipped audio because the transcriber will still spend time in analyzing what portions must be typed or omitted.

    We would be pleased to offer you a trial. We can transcribe up to 5 minutes and/or 500 words for you without any charge or obligation. Please visit our free trial page or call us toll free at 877 771 0251 to arrange for a free trial.

    Call us at 877 771 0251 or visit our sign up page so we can set up your account and transcribe your reports as soon as possible.

    We process the entire transcription work in our offices and we do not have any subcontractors and hence the information is kept highly confidential for all transcripts whether it be general, legal, medical, podcast, and/or for that matter any assignment.
    Our production bay comprises of workstations which do not have external drives including floppy disk drives.
    Our employees have unique ID with which they punch in and out time and no outsider can walk in our production bay. We have a 24x7 office hour which is being monitored by close-circuit TV for the purpose of maintaining strict confidentiality as well as for client’s satisfaction.
    Each and every client has its own unique ID and password which helps us in avoiding any accessibility of transcripts to unauthorized person.
    We have firewalls and antivirus software on all the computers and update virus definitions frequently.
    All hard copies of notes and copies of patient schedules are cross-cut shredded on site and burnt to no use.
    Monthly back-ups of computer systems will be done and stored in a locked outbuilding on company-owned property.
    All our employees go through a mandatory process wherein each and every employee has to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement and strictly abide to rules and regulations set forth in this regard.
    We maintain up-to-date security measures to protect the security and integrity of protected information according to HIPAA guidelines.
    All the client related information is handled under 128-bit encryption on Internet.