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How it works?

Dedicated Dictation App launched - Scribe4You launched a dedicated dictation app for iOS and Android users.


Just provide the UserId/Password information and it will redirect you for a new dictation recording screen.


Touch mic to start new dictation, Touch red circle to stop dictating, When you press save, screen below comes up asking you to save or discard.


You can save the file with a custom filename and choose to upload from the same screen or just save.


When you choose upload, it comes back with priority options for you to choose. The file shows being submitted with a circle on the right side of the file name.

How to Use the App

Dictation, Business, Legal, Medical and General Transcription Services

We provide a full range of Dictation Transcription Service including dial-in dictation in addition to other services like business transcription, legal transcription, Medical Transcription and general transcription services. Whether you are a busy executive, a car commuter, a road warrior, a legal practitioner or a medical professional, we have the productivity enhancing tools for you. Submitting dictations and other files for transcription is a breeze with our flexible dial in dictate, web, ftp and email submission options. Increase your productivity while reducing the costs by utilizing our documentation services. We use latest technology and trained manpower to convert your dictations to text around the clock. Simply dial, speak and hang up and we will send you a formatted transcript back. It's like having a great virtual assistant at your disposal all the time.

About Us

We are reinventing the relationship between people and technology.

Scribe4you is a leading provider of documentation and productivity solutions to clients around the world. Our highly trained and experienced personnel operating from our state of the art locations around the world provide high quality and fast turnaround times. Our services are available round the clock, each and every day of the year. With a team of over 500 transcribers, we are always there to cater to your varying needs.

We offer a full range of voice transcription and documentation solutions. Whether you are a busy executive, a car commuter, a road warrior, a legal practitioner or a medical professional, we have the productivity enhancing tools for you. Submitting dictations and other files for transcription is a breeze with our Smartphone app, flexible dial in dictate, web, and ftp and email submission options. For a complete list of featurese, please visit features page.

With a variety of pricing options including retainer and pay per use option, you always pay the most competitive transcription rates. Visit our pricing. page for more information.


Great services you'll love.

We provide a full range of business transcription, legal transcription, medical transcription and general transcription services as detailed below.

Medical Transcription

Scribe4you offers comprehensive range of high quality and cost-effective Medical Transcription Services to a variety to hospitals, clinics and physician practices. We offer high quality transcripts with fast turnaround times at very affordable costs. Our Medical Transcription practice follows standard AAMT guidelines for formatting the documents and can customize each document to suit your needs and specifications. We will work with you to create templates which suit your needs.

* SOAP Notes

* History & Physical Reports

* Discharge Summaries

* Operative Reports

* Consult Letters

* Office Notes, etc.

Legal Transcription

We offer cost-effective and efficient Dictation Transcription solution for legal practitioners regardless of their size. With our round the clock availability of trained legal transcribers, we deliver accurate legal documents on time, every time. We are able to incorporate all client specific templates and provide variety of formatting options including MS Word, WordPerfect, PDF etc. Also, toll free dictation coupled with web and ftp submission of digital dictations provides clients great flexibility in how, when and where to dictate.

* Memorandums

* Legal Pleadings

* Interrogatories

* Depositions

* Testimonies

* General Correspondence

General Transcription

We also offer Transcription Services for non-dictation files like conference calls, interviews, seminars, focus groups, documentaries, oral history projects, speeches, sermons, podcasts etc. With our support for all variety of digital audio and video files and flexible file transfer options using web and ftp, there is no need for mailing tapes, CDs or DVDs. In addition, we can provide conference call recording facilities for you to record your interviews, seminars etc and transcribe them.

* Interview transcription

* Focus groups

* Oral History

* Podcasts

* Seminars

* Speeches, etc.

Dictation Transcription

Dictation transcription solutions to meet everyday needs of most executives on the go, sales people, interviewers, writers, bloggers, and others who are looking for a quick and efficient way to turn their thoughts into a document. So whether you want to create a quick memo about your client meeting, dictate an email or send some reminders, Scribe4you is there to help. Just dial our toll free number, dictate and hang up. We will transcribe it and email back the documents quickly. Ideal solution for:

* Memos

* Letters

* Meeting notes

* Reminders

* Emails

* General Correspondence


We offer flexible pricing option and convenient credit card billing for all our services.

General Dictation



Per Word

Billed Monthly.

  • $0.012 Per Word
    Nomal Turnaround
  • $0.015 Per Word
    Expedited Turnaround
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Legal Dictation



Per Word

Billed Monthly.

  • $0.012 Per Word
    Nomal Turnaround
  • $0.015 Per Word
    Expedited Turnaround
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Medical Dictation



Per Line

Billed Monthly.

  • $0.012 Per Line
    Nomal Turnaround
  • $0.02 Per Line
    Expedited Turnaround
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Per Minute

Billed Monthly.

  • $1.20 Per Minute
    Nomal Turnaround
  • $2.50 Per Minute
    Expedited Turnaround
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Client Testimonials

  • Medical dictation
    Jeff D is a GREAT service for anyone who is trying to maximize their time. I've dictated letters, blog entries, to-do lists, memos, and countless other things from the car or other places where a laptop just isn't an option. In addition, it's a great tool to have when inspiration hits while walking the dog or waiting at a restaurant. Their transcription is very accurate. I highly recommend them.

  • dial in dictation
    Rita R, Medical Practice, North Carolina

    Scribe4you has been the best move that our practice has made. We are a very large Nephrology practice and we had gotten so far behind with our transcriptionist that did it in house and at home that it was becoming a big liability issue. In a matter of two days, Scribe4you had picked up the mess and had us up to date. The fact that the dictation is clean, no errors, and returns in a timely manner without so many hands on it is well worth the change and money. Scribe4you was actually less expensive than outsourcing it to an employee of ours. The transition could not have been any smoother and was done totally by email with a couple of simple phone calls. I recommend this company to anyone.

  • dial in dictation Services
    Jay H

    "I am, for the most part, happy with the service. The price is fair, and given the technical nature of most of our work, the quality of the transcriptions are generally pretty good. The real value proposition to me, however, is the quick turn-around. I usually receive the finished text within 48 hours of submission. This is a great benefit for my business! "

  • Medical dictation services
    Phil T

    "I love the dial in dictation feature which allows you to pause, rewind, review the dictation before submitting it for transcription. With no minimum usage charge, this is a perfect service for sales people like me who need a quick and efficient way to summarize my various sales meeting notes on the go."

  • digital dictation service
    Medical Practice, NY

    " We could not be more pleased with this turnaround and the final result."