• transcription service

    Business Transcription

    Documentation solutions to meet your business needs

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  • Dictation transcription

    Dictation Transcription

    Simple! You dictate, we transcribe and send back the document

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  • legal transcription

    Legal Transcription

    Accurate, affordable and quick transcription solution for law practitioners

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  • Medical Transcription

    Medical Transcription

    Fast, accurate transcripts to help manage patient care

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Dictation Transcription Services

Dictation transcription solutions to meet everyday needs of most executives on the go, sales people, interviewers, writers, bloggers, and others who are looking for a quick and efficient way to turn their thoughts into a document.

Legal Transcription Services

We offer cost-effective and efficient dictation transcription solution for legal practitioners regardless of their size. With our round the clock availability of trained legal transcribers, we deliver accurate legal documents on time, every time.

General Transcription Services

We also offer transcription services for non-dictation files like conference calls, interviews, seminars, focus groups, documentaries, oral history projects, speeches, sermons, podcasts etc.

Medical Transcription Services

Scribe4you offers comprehensive range of high quality and cost-effective Medical Transcription Services to a variety to hospitals, clinics and physician practices. We offer high quality transcripts with fast turnaround times at very affordable costs.

Dictation, Business, Legal, Medical and General Transcription Services:

We provide a full range of dictation transcription service including dial-in dictation in addition to other services like business transcription, legal transcription, medical transcription and general transcription services. Whether you are a busy executive, a car commuter, a road warrior, a legal practitioner or a medical professional, we have the productivity enhancing tools for you. Submitting dictations and other files for transcription is a breeze with our flexible dial in dictate, web, ftp and email submission options. Increase your productivity while reducing the costs by utilizing our documentation services. We use latest technology and trained manpower to convert your dictations to text around the clock. Simply dial, speak and hang up and we will send you a formatted transcript back. It's like having a great virtual assistant at your disposal all the time.